Sally Spiewakowski

Sally received her diploma in Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy in Cambridge, UK and has been a qualified hypnotherapist for many years. Early in her career, she worked as a stock broker helping investors plan their retirement portfolios. Sally also worked as a diplomat in the US Foreign Service for many years. After experiencing hypnosis for smoke cessation, she was impressed by her achievement to stop smoking after just one hypnotic session. She said, I realized there was something missing as I looked at the healing process being used in conventional methodology and that missing piece was of engaging the mind, body, spirit connection. Sally studied hypnosis and became fascinated with the idea of the divided mind: communication between the conscious and subconscious mind. Furthermore, she realized that this communication could help people become aware of the power they have within themselves to make the changes they desire and to achieve their goals. When change happens at the subconscious level, it happens easily and naturally, eliminating the feelings of frustration and the focus required when “trying” and “struggling” with the conscious focused energy.

Sally uses analytical hypnotherapy for releasing the stuck emotion (something "just" understanding an issue rarely does) and then re-framing the event in a new light which then feeds into all future perception from the root rather than as a purely intellectual concept. This helps bring about a conscious rejection of limiting ideas or beliefs about ourselves since they are no longer being "driven" by a limiting subconscious belief system or avoidance mechanism.


There have been many myths and misunderstandings surrounding hypnosis and hypnotherapy and you might be surprised to learn that we go in and out of trance many times a day and that young children remain in trance 95% of their day. Trance or more specifically Hypnosis is all about suggestion, imagination and our ability to see ourselves doing something positive. As the say goes: "What a person's mind can perceive and believe, that person can achieve."  If we imagine it, we can accomplish it!

When you achieve & maintain this state we call hypnosis, we can send ideas, or suggestions, into the subconscious part of your imagination by utilizing the conscious part.  Once your subconscious imagination accepts the new ideas, your perception of those ideas will change and your life will change.  This is the true power of hypnosis. None of the above is possible without the approval or permission of the client: you must give your consent both consciously and subconsciously before you can enter into hypnosis.  The best part of hypnosis is feeling so relaxed.  Hypnosis works for everyone and for so many different issues that it isn't possible to list them all.  I encourage you to come and talk to me and see what I have to offer.

Training & Qualifications


• CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council)

• NRAH (National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists)

• NCFE Level 4 Preparing To Teach In The LifeLong Learning Sector

• CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)

• Licensed Hypno-Band Practitioner

Smoking Cessation​

Imagination is key to smoking cessation: if you can see yourself as a non-smoker, you can become a non-smoker. Hypnosis works in conjunction with the subconscious mind, sending powerful suggestions that you are now a non-smoker and will remain a non-smoker. For many of my clients, one session was all that was necessary.

Session: 90 Minutes

Fee:         £150.00

Gastric Hypno-Band

The revolutionary Hypno Band system devised by John Maclean is a virtual gastric band weight loss system designed to help you make changes to your eating habits, enabling you to lose weight and keep ​it off. There is no guarantee of specific results and results can vary. However,

the Hypno Band system cannot make you change if you are not fully committed to change. You really have to want to lose weight.

Sessions: Three

Fee:           £400.00

Emotional Health Issues







Weight Loss

Obsessional behavior



Panic Attacks



Nail Biting

10 sessions will be scheduled but may vary according to your need.

Sessions: 60+ min.

Fee:           £60.00

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